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Youre a sad Loser and Mistress knows it! Kneel and take your punishment Sub Cruel Domme to torment you Subs Madame - are you even worthy to talk to a Mistress?
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to 69779
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to 69779

Live Domination Text Sessions

You're a slave to a cruel Domme! Run & hide - COWER for you're in trouble with Mistress! Crawl back to your Mistress Serve you cretin
to 69779
to 69779
to 69779
to 89077

You can spend days - maybe weeks searching for the right Domination Phone sex chatline. Calliing numbers and finding that it's either off-topic-recorded stories or the lady hasn't the first clue about what constitutes real phone sex Domination!

Domination Sexline shows you that there is a wide range of Domination Services available by phone -no one sex chatline number does it all -whatever you may have read! There is an enormous difference in quality between services and of course Mistresses!

Latex and PVC and of course Leather fetish lovers have their own specialist Mistresses! 121 Live chat with expert Dommes will push your fetish envelope and you'll have more satisfaction for even less cost with the cheapest of chat lines! Fetish and Domme text sex with particular emphasis on quality, erotic and upscale scenarios -in short quality domination text chat sessions!

Submissive females are also available to satisfy the Dom and Master role-playing requirements of some of you -again by voice and also by text chat! All levels of fantasy integration are possible, subject only to your fantasy partner's limits.

Terms and Conditions & Legalese
LIVE Voice services:
Callers MUST be 18+ & have the billpayer's permission to call. Live calls recorded in compliance with the Phone-paid Services Authority. Lines starting with 0909 860, 0909 534; 0909 754; 0909 854 and 0909 112 are provided by Datapro Services Ltd, BM Box 8027, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline: 02034552145. We may send FREE promo SMS. Send STOPALL to 89077 opt out. Lines which start with 0909 593, 0908 338; 0909 003 & 0909 650 are provided by Stream 18 Media, London, EC1V 2NX. Customer Services: 02030350033

SMS Virtual Text Chat Services:
Services operating on 89077 provided by DataPro Services Ltd., BM Box 8027, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline: 02034552145. All received texts cost £1.50 plus your normal network charges. You must be the billpayer and 18+. To end the service, send STOP to 89077. To optout of marketing send STOPALL to 89077

Services operating on 69500 & 69779 provided by PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline 02031891882. Texts are answered by intermediaries 07.00 - 00.00 hrs. You must be the billpayer and 18+ All received texts, sent and received photos cost @£1.50 each inc VAT @ 20% plus your standard network charges.You may receive a maximum of 3 texts per sent message @£1.50. To quit the service send 'STOP' to 69500 or 69779. To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69500 or 69779.
Common conditions to all SMS services: No meetings or interaction outside the services are implied or suggested, services are for role play fantasy scenarios only. Voice calls and sms text messages are answered by operatives over the age of 18, all photographs and videos are of adult models 18+ and not intended to depict real life scenarios

Promoter: PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX
Big Girls Blouse recorded Domination
phone domme
Kneel & Serve
DOMME to 69500

£1.50 per rec'd text & all pics plus normal network charges. Maximum 3 replies per sent text You must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. To end service text 'STOP' to 69500. Send ‘STOPALL’ to 69500 to opt out of marketing.PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline 02031891882
Mistress tells you how she will dominate you
A TV Maid Needs Harsh Domination
Serve by SMT Text
Slave Training by SMS
Text chat costs £1.50 per rec'd text plus normal network charges. You must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. To end service text 'STOP' to 89077. Send ‘STOPALL’ to 89077 to opt out of marketing. Customer Careline 02031891882
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